Welcome to Preschool @ the Fount!

This is the place where children are loved just the way they are!


Preschool @ The Fount operates as a ministry of The Fount Church and an outreach to the community.

Our primary purpose as a preschool is to help children grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically, intellectually and creatively.  Our program provides many opportunities for growth in all areas.

We seek to provide a nurturing environment with an educational focus that is appropriate for each child’s developmental level.  The activities introduced are based on the philosophy that children develop in an orderly and predictable pattern, yet each preschooler arrives at these milestones in their own time and pace.  Each child’s unique journey is valued and respected.

At Preschool @ The Fount, we offer a developmentally academic curriculum which includes both structured and non-structured activities.  We provide children with a wide variety of “hands-on” learning opportunities to maximize their growth and confidence in all areas.  Preschoolers learn by “doing”.  At this age, children are continually building on previous knowledge and refining what they know through new experiences, observation, higher level thinking and questioning.

Our curriculum and evaluations are based on the California Preschool Foundations and The California Preschool Curriculum Framework, and many years of love and experience with this age group.

Our Mission

Provide children a quality education with Jesus as the focal point.  Using the Bible as our foundation, we encourage each child to reach his or her fullest potential by using the developmental process while building Christian character.