Our School

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At Preschool @ The Fount we answer YES to all the following questions:
  1. Does your preschool offer a nurturing Christian environment and is it a member of the Church Related Early Childhood Education Fellowship (CRECEF)?
  2. Is your student-to-teacher ratio low enough to support optimum individualized instruction (e.g., lower than 12:1, usually closer to 8-1)?
  3. Is your preschool staff comprised of highly qualified and experienced early childhood teachers who know the expectations of kindergarten and work to develop the whole child in all aspects of learning: spiritual, social, emotional, academic, large and small motor skill development, literacy and language, phonics, mathematical concepts, and much  more?
  4. Does your preschool apply a developmental/ academic approach to preschool?
  5. Does your preschool meet children where they are and take them to the next level in a stress-free environment with loving guidance?
  6. Is your preschool playground designed specifically for preschoolers and not shared with other higher grades?  For example, does it have age appropriate equipment, a children’s garden, bikes, child-sized water pumps, painting, sand, wood chips and large grass area set up with specific intention and challenging activities, which teachers can use for games, obstacle courses, and science anytime during the day?
  7. Is your preschool a secure locked and monitored facility?
  8. Do your teachers apply positive redirection of students, and do they promote social integration?
  9. Is your preschool sensitive and willing to work with individual children’s needs and/ or their allergy restrictions?
  10. Are each of your preschool teachers medically trained and hold valid CPR and First Aid cards?

Again, at Preschool @ The Fount we answer a loving YES to all of the above questions.