Cleaning Methods

    • At Preschool @ The Fount, we use environmentally safe and non-toxic cleaning products whenever possible.
    • When necessary we use the least-toxic disinfecting and sanitizing products.  When disinfectants and sanitizers are required, they are used only for their intended purpose and in strict accordance with all label instructions.  
    • We use chlorine bleach only when and where it is required or recommended by state and local authorities.  It is used cautiously and conservatively and never when students are present.
    • Our classrooms are vacuumed and cleaned daily and the trash is taken out every evening.
    • We do not use aerosol sprays of any kind in the classroom when children are present.
    • Our art supplies are non-toxic and child safe.
    • We strive to recycle paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastic bottles.
    • If we are needing to spray for pests, we will post information 24 hours in advance and leave the information up for 72 hours after the treatment.  Parents have the option to be notified 72 hours in advance by written letter.  The pesticides used at Preschool @ The Fount are in compliance with the Healthy Schools Act.

Update for January 2021 (In addition to all of the above)

  • Spray Electrostatic system with EPA-safe product in classrooms/facility (daily)
  • Sanitize inside toys between groups.
  • Sanitize toys as needed throughout the day (inside and/or outside).
  • Deep clean/sanitize restrooms prior to start of January 2021 school year. Clean/sanitize restrooms nightly. Clean between children on the “high touch” surfaces (handles, faucets, flusher, etc…)
  • Sanitize/Disinfect all “high touch” areas regularly.
  • As always, our preschool classroom/restrooms will continue to be cleaned, vacuumed and sanitized daily.