Parent & Professional Testimonials

“We are proud, privileged, and blessed to be a Preschool at the Fount family. My first two girls flourished here- they learned and grew and explored and made friends. And now, both busy and happy elementary school students, they still treasure their time spent in preschool. I treasure the memories too! I enjoyed the beautiful classrooms, the Back-to-School Nights and other events, and the opportunities to contribute. Preschool at the Fount is a magical place: welcoming, nurturing, encouraging, and inclusive. All teachers and staff are professional and first-rate. The environment is safe and secluded. The affiliated church community is supportive and loving... My two daughters are thriving in school, and I attribute a huge part of this to the solid foundation they received and built themselves at this preschool. My third daughter is now two, and when her time comes, she shall be here, at Preschool at the Fount.”

Kevin C.

“Our family loves this preschool. Both of our daughters have had so much fun every day. The teachers are caring and make the classrooms a very positive place to be. From the moment we walk in we feel welcome, safe and loved. We feel so lucky to have found Preschool at the Fount and couldn’t ask for a better preschool experience!”

Heather L.

“I appreciate that Preschool at the Fount creates and fosters the ideal learning environment for all children to learn at high levels.”

Duane C. Elementary School Principal

"Our family has been so blessed by Preschool at the Fount. It has been such a nurturing and loving preschool experience for our two children. I appreciate the intimate class size and that the staff knew each child by name. The staff at Preschool at the Fount is incredible! They provide a safe, positive, creative, and fun learning environment for students and families alike. They have made a lasting impact on our family. Preschool at the Fount gets an A+ all around!”

Sandy C. Former Elementary School Teacher & Stay-At-Home Mom

"I have now had three children at Preschool at the Fount and I couldn’t be happier. The staff is amazing. They truly love and care for every child and their needs. I highly recommend Preschool at the Fount to any parent desiring a safe, clean, and joyful environment for their child to grow intellectually, spiritually and physically."

Bethany W.

"It has truly been a blessing to find Preschool at the Fount. Since we first toured the facility, our kids have not wanted to leave! Our son started at 2 1/2 and was an extremely shy and anxious toddler. He has thrived in this nurturing environment and I have never once doubted that his safety, comfort or needs are being met each and every day. As a previous teacher, I had really high demands when it came time to choose a preschool and Preschool at the Fount has far exceeded my expectations. Preschool at the Fount provides the most complete curriculum, especially highlighting social skills and developmentally appropriate academics. My children also have food allergies, and the school is wonderful about working with us to provide options to keep them safe while ensuring everyone is able to enjoy many of their favorites.”

Lisa M.

“I was very particular when it came to choosing a preschool for my son. I really found that the Preschool at the Fount shared a lot of the beliefs that I felt a preschool should have. As a former teacher, I’ve always understood the importance of building a love for learning in the early years. I wanted to find a school that taught kids how learning is fun and interactive. The parents are awesome, along with the kids, staff, and teachers. The teachers and staff have built such a warm and caring environment for the students here. I have lost track of how many parents I have personally recommended to this preschool since coming here. It is truly a wonderful environment for preschoolers."

Jamie Y.

“We love Preschool at the Fount. We’ve been at this loving school for almost 3 years. Our son started as a 2 1/2 year old. He has grown so much in his 2 1/2 years here. We feel he’ll be extremely ready for kindergarten this fall. Our twin girls started at 2 1/2 years old and have also grown so much. Preschool at the Fount has helped them so much with their speech. My girls now know all their colors and numbers. We all love Preschool at the Fount and highly recommend this school. It’s like family with all the teachers and staff.”

Patty & Bruce S.

"The stress of finding a preschool for our first and only child was overwhelming. But all the worries and fear were quickly changed the moment we stepped on campus at Preschool at the Fount. Between a warm and welcoming staff and magical “backyard” like play yard I knew we were at the right place! As a former preschool teacher, and having the opportunity to visit various school environments, I can sincerely say Preschool at the Fount is top notch! Daily protocols to ensure the health and safety of the children is their number one priority. And a developmentally appropriate curriculum that promotes learning through play. We have been so blessed to have had such an exceptional experience at Preschool at the Fount!"

Vanessa W. Parent and former preschool teacher