Lester and Debbie Dornon

Serving in: Nepal


Dr. Lester and Debbie Dornon are missionaries with the General Board of Global Ministries, assigned as senior physician at the Tansen Hospital in western Nepal. The Dornon's returned to Nepal and Tansen as missionaries in mid-2012, having served there from 1990 to 2002.

The hospital in Tansen is related to the United Mission to Nepal, established in 1954 as a partnership between the people of Nepal and a coalition of 20 Christian organizations on four continents. The United Methodist Church has a long association with this medical mission. Nepal is a small country high in the Himalayan Mountains, where poverty is widespread and health facilities in limited supply.

Chad McFarland

Serving in: Norway (with Youth With A Mission)








Chad grew up in our church, and is now committing the next several years to serving the Lord through Youth With A Mission (YWAM). His next post will be in Norway, helping to train missioners to spread the Gospel to lands far and near!

His heart is to faithfully serve Jesus and share his gifts of relationship, evangelism and preaching.

To learn more about Chad's mission work, visit his website at: https://www.chadmcfarlandmissions.com

Rev. Ayub Mugabi

Serving in: Iganga, Uganda

Beginning in 2020, The Fount sought to support the ministry of Rev. Ayub Mugabi and his wife, Agnes, in Iganga, Uganda, Africa. Rev. Mugabi is the pastor of God of Grace United Methodist Church in Iganga, and he and his wife are principals for the Community for New Life Organization, which runs a school for over 200 children. They feed and offer spiritual guidance to the children as well as basic education.

Rev. Mugabi and our pastor, Rev. Glen Haworth, video chat with each other every week, praying for one another and encouraging one another in their ministries. We had hoped to bring the Mugabi’s to America in the summer of 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic thwarted those plans. The hope is to bring them here once the pandemic clears and travel is once again recommended.


Global Frontier Missions

Serving in: Throughout the World

The Fount supports a missionary of the Global Frontier Missions (GFM), which is a movement of Christ-centered communities dedicated to mobilizing, training and multiplying disciples and churches to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the unreached people groups of the earth.

They engage in disciple making and church planting among the internationals living close-by with the hope of seeing them evangelized and discipled to the point that they can go back and reach their own people. The focus is on immigrants, refugees, and international students living in close proximity.


Tara Curtis


Serving in: The Middle East

Tara Curtis has been sharing the love of Christ with Muslims in the Middle east for years.

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