Daily Devotions Has Ended

Because Pastor Glen will retire soon (July 1), the program “Daily Devotions” has ended. Pastor Glen, with help from Don Garvin, has streamed Daily Devotions on Facebook since early in the pandemic! But the Wake-Up Call devotional, which was read during Daily Devotions, goes on.

To continue enjoying the Wake-Up Call from Seedbed, we encourage you to subscribe to the daily emails (includes a link to listen to the audio podcast), or go to the website and read/listen to each day’s devotional, and/or Follow the Seedbed Wake-Up Call Facebook page.
Email Subscription: https://seedbed.com/wakeupcall/
Website: https://seedbed.com/ click on “Resources” and then under Wake-Up Call, click on “Today’s Entry”
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/seedbedwakeupcall

Glory to God!