Thinking of Things to Say – The Fount Account

How many times has this happened to you? You have a discussion (or even an argument), and in the midst of it you can’t really think of anything significant to say. You’re taken off guard, and while engaged with the other person(s), you just can’t come up with the salient point you know you want to make! But then, after the “discussion” is over, after you’ve left the place where the discussion occurred, maybe even after a day or two has passed, you think of the perfect thing to say.

If you’re like me, this happens to you a lot!

I find myself in just such a place right now! You see, I have this blog to write, and lots of important things are happening, not the least of which is that a little over a month from now I will be retiring! I really need to say something profound, important, significant… However, as I sit in front of my computer screen on this Monday morning, I can’t think of anything to write! But I know that once I retire, I will think of ALL KINDS OF THINGS to say to you!

So, let me project what I think I will want to say then, that I can’t think of to say now (even while I say them!).

First of all, I love you. Over the past ten years, Cyndy and Nathan and I have come to love you, The Fount congregation, with a deep and abiding love. Of course we have loved each of the congregations we have served, but The Fount is special. This has truly become our beloved community and our home. The Lord blessed us by inspiring the bishop to send us here, and I am forever grateful. You welcomed us from the first day, and have never stopped showing us the hospitality we needed. So, lest I forget to tell you: I love you!

Secondly, I’m going to miss you. This really relates to the first point, but I feel like I need to say it. Because I have not been secret about my desire to retire, some might get the impression that I can’t wait to get away from you and stop being a pastor! Nothing could be further from the truth! I AM looking forward to retirement, but I also know that I will miss being your pastor and I will miss the day-to-day relationship we have enjoyed together these past ten years. So, lest I don’t get to tell you: I (will) miss you!

Thirdly, Trust in God. Our God is faithful! He is trustworthy! And He loves you even more than I do! While we don’t know what the future holds, (say it with me) we do know Who holds the future. Our future is secure in Him, and we need not fear anything at all. I fully trust that Pastor Brian Long will be a wonderful blessing to The Fount and all of the other congregations meeting on campus. You will love getting to know him, Julia and their kids. And I fully trust that you will welcome the Longs with every bit of love and hospitality that you welcomed the Haworths. Because I know you, and I know your heart, I have no doubt about this.

So, as we move every closer to that transition, know these three things for certain: (1) I love you, (2) I will miss you, and (3) God is faithful!

Lest I forget to tell you.