Easter, What’s the Big Deal? – The Fount Account

So, we had our fabulous Easter Celebration Worship yesterday at The Fount! We joined with our sisters and brothers of Free Life and sang our hearts out to the Lord! The choir did an amazing job, with singers from The Fount, Free Life, and Surf City. I brought the sermon on “The Message of Easter,” the kids hunted for eggs and we all enjoyed a scrumptious brunch, cooked by members of both congregations.

It was an AWESOME day!

Now what? What happens now? What’s the big deal?

I’ll tell you what the big deal is: Everything is changed! I don’t mean everything has changed from this past Friday to now, but because of the events we remember of Good Friday and the events of Easter Sunday, everything is changed. No longer do we have to work our way into the “good side” of God. No longer do we sacrifice animals on the altar; now we offer ourselves to God for Him to utilize us in His purposes. No longer are we slaves to the sins we commit, but now we are set free to live without sin by clinging on to Him. Before Easter, there was no hope; now, the world is filled with hope because Jesus is no longer dead!

As followers of Jesus, we can face our challenges and trials with joy knowing that He has won the victory! The enemy might SEEM to have the upper hand, but we know better: Jesus is the Victor!

So, let’s live as Easter People! Let’s live with the hope and assurance that this life is not the end, but only the trial period. Our true life is in heaven with Jesus. Though we must face certain trials now, we know that in the end we will triumph with Him!

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

That’s the Big Deal!

In Christ,