It Is VBS Week! – The Fount Account

You heard right, this is VBS Week!

We are joining forces with La Cima, Vietnamese English Ministry, and Free Life Community to bring Vacation Bible School to our community. It all starts Tuesday and runs through Friday, from 5:30 to 8:30 PM here at The Fount. Why do we do VBS?

Because kids love to have fun, and while having fun they are open to hearing the Gospel and learning about how much God loves them and wants the very best for them. VBS is a LOT of work, but if personal testimonies are authentic, a LOT of kids have significant faith experiences at VBS! And some of those kids grow up to be fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ!

So, what happens at VBS?

Well, there’s fun. We play games with the kids, we learn fun songs and sing them, we do crafts, hear Bible teachings and stories, worship, and we make lots of new friends.

This year’s VBS theme is “Discovery on Adventure Island”. And each day has its own focus. On Tuesday, the focus is “Arise! Shine with Love!”, using Genesis 1:1-2:9 (the Creation Story). Wednesday will be “Arise! Shine with Trust!” using Exodus 1:1-20 (Moses and the Burning Bush). Thursday brings “Arise! Shine with Joy!” using Luke 15 (The “Lost” Parables). And Friday’s theme is “Arise! Shine with Hope!” using John 2:1-18 (Mary at the Tomb of Jesus).

Each evening will begin with dinner, and each congregation is providing the dinner for one of the four nights. The Fount’s evening is Thursday, where we will serve spaghetti!

Then on Sunday, August 20th, the four churches will combine for one worship service at 11:00 AM to celebrate the completion of VBS. The four pastors will give short summations of the four themes, the kids will be able to sing some of their VBS songs and we will shout and cheer for all of the kids, and especially those who decide to follow Jesus!

Yes, VBS is a LOT of work, but God pours out a LOT of love and grace during the week! It is well worth the work, because it is Kingdom work! Pray for VBS this week. If you’re one of the volunteers, THANK YOU! But all of us can pray and then come Sunday to celebrate the success of this year’s Vacation Bible School!

In Christ,