God’s Never Ending Work – The Fount Account

It’s hard to believe but this is the Seaver’s 9th year at The Fount. With exciting new things on the horizon I often spend time thinking about what’s come before. In our time here new programs often started with so much hope and promise. Fifteen families at a Spiritual Parenting class, monthly Messy Church,  Maker Camps in the summer, neighborhood VBS, youth retreats, the list goes on.

Then the events ended, the excitement faded and it was just another Sunday, and then another and another.  It would be difficult to count how many times I looked around on a Sunday morning and felt discouraged. I often need to remind myself that God’s timing isn’t impacted by my urgency.

When we started at Fountain Valley United Methodist one of the key goals I expressed was a desire to partner with leaders from the Spanish and Vietnamese community to serve their next generation with unifying activities. God has provided incredible opportunities for partnership with La Cima and VEC but more than that are the ways that I personally have been blessed by relationships with people. Sonia from La Cima has encouraged and supported me often, Jason from VEC has energized me with his excitement and passion for the Lord, Kevin from VEC has been a steadfast support in so many areas of ministry, I could go on.

We now look forward into another new partnership and I am grateful for God’s blessing on our ministry time and time again. Working with Free Life Community church feels great. Their excitement, energy and willingness to join us in partnership is leading in new ways of ministry. Even more than that I look forward to the new relationships that God is building.

This summer will be full of opportunities to work together in God’s Kingdom. As you see opportunities to connect I encourage you to meet and get to know people, learn their stories and bear their burdens. Who knows what God will do next.