Rehearsed Spontaneity – The Fount Account

Last Sunday, as the worship team was rehearsing in preparation for leading worship, we went through a couple of options of how to be spontaneous with a particular song. The concept struck me: we were rehearsing spontaneity!

Seems like a contradiction in terms!

And it is, in some ways. After all, how can you be “spontaneous” if you’ve rehearsed it? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? To be spontaneous implies that there is no rehearsing, it just happens. But on the other hand, how can we learn to be spontaneous if we haven’t practiced?

In relationships, usually the partners in the relationship enjoy some spontaneous expressions of friendship or love. But if you’re like me, spontaneity doesn’t always come easily. In fact, (Cyndy will tell you this) I can “forget” to be spontaneous, even in obvious moments! So, I have learned over the years, that I need to rehearse spontaneity, sometimes. Okay, often. I have been known to think about, and then plan, and then execute “spontaneous” acts of affection and love. For me, it doesn’t always come naturally.

But that’s ok, because what’s important is not the thought (or lack thereof), but the action. We’ve talked about this a lot at church, that biblical love is about action, not about feelings. When we act in loving ways toward others we are loving them. Those loving actions are not diminished (or amplified) by the amount of spontaneity or advanced planning involved.

It is kind of like throwing a baseball (hear me out). If you have never thrown a baseball, you are not likely going to be able to just pick up a ball and throw a strike the first time! And if you want to be fun and spontaneous, you may not be able to be so without having practiced somewhat. Going back to the worship team experience in worship, you can’t really be spontaneous in leading worship unless you have practiced enough that the spontaneity comes “naturally” and easily.

Why am I talking about spontaneity so much? Because it is a lesson for we followers of Jesus. When it comes to love, we need to practice loving others, because acting in loving ways IS loving others. Spontaneity is about feelings and romance; love is about action. For many of us, we can’t get to the feelings and romance without practicing the action. That’s just the way it is!

So, let’s practice love! What better place to do that than in the church? Romans 12:10 says, “love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honor.” That sounds planned to me! At least, it sounds intentional.

And let’s be honest, we need to be more intentional and less spontaneous.