Sunday Worship Time Change

In order to accommodate our new friends in the Free Life Community Church (FLCC), our Church Council has decided to move our worship service from 10:00 to 9:00 AM on Sunday mornings beginning March 5th. This will also be the time our online service is streamed.

The change will enable us to have plenty of time to worship and vacate before FLCC comes in to worship at 11:00. And they can then finish and vacate before the Vietnamese Evangelical Church (VEC) comes in to worship!

Our adult Sunday School class will meet at 10:30.

The Church Council is excited about this new relationship we are developing with FLCC. It is a young, energetic congregation of Jesus Followers, led by Pastor Paul Park. Pastor Paul planted FLCC just a year ago, and they’ve been searching for a home. We believe that The Fount is the perfect home and we are looking forward to doing life and ministry together with them!

So, remember: Worship on March 5th (and thereafter) at 9:00 AM!