Stepping Out in Mission

I’ve been talking and writing about a couple of outreach ministries or missions that I believe God is calling us to engage in. But I have not received much in the way of positive feedback or even interest from the congregation. That concerns me, because if we are to grow as a church we have to focus our attention beyond our own four walls and join with Jesus in ministering to and with our community and world!

The two ministries are:

  1. MentorUp
  2. Embrace Grace

MentorUp is a group mentoring ministry for young men in group homes who need guidance and a relationship with mature Christian men to help them become mature Christian men themselves. It would require four or five men willing to spend a couple hours per week meeting with, eating with, recreating with and teaching these young men about Jesus and how to walk with Him. It is exactly what we say we want to do: draw more young people to Jesus! Gerry McDaniel was all gung-ho to start this with me, but then we lost him a year ago. Are there some other men in The Fount willing to step into this ministry?


Embrace Grace is a ministry for and with single young women who find themselves pregnant and scared. We say that we are “pro-life”, but that HAS to mean something more than just a philosophical opinion. We need to put our efforts where our beliefs are! It would require a half dozen or so women (any age) who would walk with these girls through their pregnancy and afterward, helping them to access the resources they need, but even more importantly, showing them what a life yielded to Jesus looks like. They need mentors who will come along side them. They have chosen NOT to abort their baby, so Jesus wants us to help them. I need someone who is willing to head up this new ministry and together we can recruit those who will fill the ranks of our Embrace Grace ministry. Is God calling you?

What say you?

You know, if we are successful in disaffiliating from our denomination (as the leadership of the church have indicated), that will not fix everything! We must alter what we are doing and position ourselves to grow by re-engaging in significant ministry and mission. We HAVE to meet people where they are and not just expect them to come to us. I firmly believe that these two ministries will help us do that.

Please prayerfully consider what God may be calling you to do. And let me know what He says to you!