On this 4th of July, I want to pause a moment and reflect upon the uniqueness of America and why this 4th of July is so important.

I do not believe that the greatest threat to America is of an enemy from without; rather, America’s most dangerous threat comes from within. Apathy and complacency are more of a threat to our nation than Russia or China! Because we have the strongest military on earth to protect us from those outside threats, but we have little to protect us from the threats within.

In recent years we have seen a staggering increase of assaults on the freedoms we enjoy, and all-to-often take for granted. Cherished freedoms that have defined America for so long are being questioned and restricted. There is a somewhat new “authority” ascending from social media which amplifies the opinions of the few over the wisdom of the many. Free speech, freedom to exercise religion, even freedom of thought are no longer sacred, inalienable rights protected regardless of whether or not those expressions are popular, but are questioned, challenged and restricted officially by the institutions of our society and even the government itself. “Political Correctness” has been a thing for some time, but in recent years it has become a thing on steroids!

But it is not too late for America!

There is still time for us to rise up and stand for what America has always stood for: freedom, justice, liberty and truth. We don’t have to “go along to get along”, in fact, we must not. When our freedoms are being restricted or eliminated, we must stand up and stand strong. We cannot allow the popular culture to redefine what is true and right. Just because something seems right doesn’t mean that it is right! (Proverbs 14:12) As followers of Jesus Christ, we must measure all of our ideas and opinions against the testimony of Scripture. And as Americans, we must measure all such things against the testimony of the Constitution. Personal feelings do not rise to the level of collective wisdom. Children are ruled by their emotions/feelings; adults use reason and the wisdom of the ages.

On this 4th of July, let our thoughts return to the great wisdom of those who have gone before us. Let us listen to those who question the freedoms and values of old, but let us not abandon them on whims and shallow feelings. America is worth preserving. Freedom is worth fighting for. This nation is a gift from God, secured by the sacrifices of men and women who believed in what it stands for and wanted to bequeath it to their children. Let us not “fiddle while Rome burns”!

Grab a bucket!

Happy Independence Day!