Choice v. Life

The recent Supreme Court decision that over-turned the controversial “Roe V. Wade” decision of the early 1970’s is stirring up quite the angst in our country right now.

People who are for the option of abortion are outraged that “a right has been taken away” by the same court, albeit different justices, that gave the “right” in the first place. People who are against the option of abortion are celebrating that at least some babies’ lives will be saved by the over-turning of this rather awkward and questionable “right.”

I am pro-life, which means that I oppose abortion, especially as it is used in the vast majority of cases as a last line of birth control. My opinion is that the exercise of “choice” happens BEFORE conception, not after. Once a baby is conceived in the womb, that baby is a living human being. Therefore, killing it is an act of murder (murder = the unjust killing of an innocent human being). My opinion softens, somewhat, if the mother’s life is threatened, physically, by continuing with the pregnancy. But this scenario is extremely rare.

So, what are we to do?

In California, of course, abortions will continue and will probably be expanded. In 20-some states in America, abortions will be pretty much outlawed. As followers of Jesus, it is important that we don’t “rub it in” as winners over losers in this controversy. Instead, let me offer another way.


Listen to the hurts and the outrage. Don’t take it personally, but rather let your feelings fade into the background and just listen. Try to understand, apart from the issue of abortion itself, why outraged people are so angry and hurt. Don’t argue, just listen.

And pray.

Pray for peace in our culture, that we will all listen to one another and hear one another clearly. Don’t react to anger with anger, but respond with loving peace. Imagine how God responds to such anger. Read the Psalms! And read Proverbs 15:1, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

Until such a time that we all agree that the unborn baby is a human life, this controversy will continue. So, let us pray for the recognition of the unborn as human being, deserving of our protection and respect. And let us pray for those who are enraged about the Supreme Court’s decision. Only God can change their hearts; we can only listen and pray.

In Peace,