New Sermon Series “Exodus” Starts June 12th

Pastor Glen will begin a new sermon series on the Book of Exodus, beginning Sunday, June 12th. The series is open-ended and may well last through the summer! He will be walking through this important book of the Old Testament, reflecting on its meaning for us today, especially in relationship to our denominational challenges.

Much like the people of Israel, who were told to be guided by the Lord (in the pillar of cloud by day and fire by night), Pastor Glen will move through the book at the Lord’s direction, “camping” at certain spots for a certain amount of time, until the Lord directs to move on! It is a long book! But it is full of important Truth about the people of God then, and the people of God now!

We’ll be kicking off the series with a “Movie Night” at The Fount featuring the animated classic “The Prince of Egypt” which is an artful retelling of the Exodus story. The movie will be shown on June 12th during a three-congregation fellowship of dessert and snacks, starting at 5:30 PM.

So, saddle up your horses and get ready for a wild ride through the Book of Exodus (which means exit, departure, evacuation). We just may be living this story anew in our time in the coming months!

The series may well last through the summer, only God knows!