Autism Ministry Intro

When looking for churches in our local community with a ministry for youth with autism, we only found programs for young children. At age 13, youth with autism are turned away.  Radiate Possibility Autism Youth Program was created to fill the gap by serving ages 13 years old to adult.  We recruit and train volunteers to create a safe place for “older” youth with autism to fellowship with each other and with caring mentors.

Our intention is to host Autism Community Events where those with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), aged 13 years and older will feel welcome so they can enjoy a day created just for them. Our first event will by an Autism Youth Prom Night on July 30th.

God’s heart includes everyone in the body of Christ, and we all deserve a chance to shine and “Radiate Possibility”, but it takes people who are willing to invest their time and to believe in them.  We at The Fount see the need to meet the social and spiritual needs of youth with ASD and we are excited to be a part of making that happen.

More information will be coming, including ways you can bless (and be blessed by) this unique ministry.