This Sunday is Palm Sunday!

Join us at The Fount this Sunday as we celebrate the beginning of Holy Week: Palm Sunday!

We will start the day in-person at The Fount campus, gathering with palm branches, marching around the campus as we sing “Hosanna!” to Pastor Glen’s guitar. It is a wonderful tradition begun a few years ago. Everyone gathers outside the Sanctuary, and we march around the chapel, to the street and back to the Sanctuary singing all the way. Then we enter the Sanctuary, waving our palm branches and prepare for worship! Gather at 9:55.

We need palm branches, so if you have a palm tree, clip a few branches and bring them on Sunday. Be sure to “de-thorn” the fronds! Bring them to the front door of the Sanctuary Sunday morning.

Also, because of our Palm Sunday processional, there will be no Hymn Sing this Sunday.

If you worship with us online, you can clip your own palm branches and march around your home, singing “Hosanna!”

So join us this Sunday, let’s celebrate the soon and coming King!