Now, Where Is That…?

We’ve all done it: misplaced or accidentally deleted an email with information that we finally decided we needed! It is irritating, isn’t it?!

For things from The Fount, you can always check our website:! Because most emails that go out to the membership are also posted on the website for easy retrieval. In addition, for our Zoom meetings and Facebook live streams, the links are all on our website.

Here’s how to find things:

1.  For emails (articles) about things going on, check the front page of the website (remember to scroll down!). If you don’t see it because it is older than a couple of weeks, click on the “News & Events” tab, and then “Church News and Views” to see a complete listing of posts.
2.  For online links (Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube), click on “Check Out Our Online Ministries” on the front page, just below the picture slide show. There you will find a complete list with links to our online ministries.

And, of course, you can listen to or view sermons, whole worship services and more, all from our website.

Seriously, if you’re not familiar with The Fount’s website, you should be! There is a wealth of information there just for you! And the address is easy to remember: TheFount.Church!