New Lenten Study and Sermon Series

What if we could…

  • Break free from self-destructive sins?
  • See and value people like Jesus does?
  • Reflect Jesus’ love, joy, and peace to others?

We are constantly being influenced by outside forces–our families, the media, and even our cell phones. Yet God promises to shape us into the image of Jesus.

A Jesus-Shaped Life invites you to invest forty days into learning how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He transforms you from the inside out.

Throughout the course of six weeks in Lent, participants will explore selected aspects of Jesus’ character and learn how God’s grace can be reproduced in His followers. Spiritual exercises and discussion questions combine with daily meditations, weekly sermons, and weekly group meetings with video input will create space for becoming the person God created us to be.

There is a book ($14.95 softcover, $11.95 eBook) available for the study. Order it from Seedbed here: A Jesus-Shaped Life – My Seedbed. Pastor Glen will be preaching sermons each Sunday that go along with the themes of the study and will lead a weekly group gathering (Zoom and in-person if desired). The evening of the study is yet to be determined.

Order the book now so that you have it in time for the study and series. Let the office know you are planning on attending the study, and if you would prefer Zoom or in-person.