Thoughtful Thursday: Re-Commit to Reading Scripture

If you are not reading the bible regularly right now (outside of Sunday morning), this would be a great time to revive the habit of spending time in God’s word. In order to “Fight the Good Fight,” build our faith, and live with a good conscience, we have to know The Word of God and put it into practice.  1 Timothy is the basis for our next few sermons, and it is a great place to start. It is a short book compared to most in the bible, but it is brimming with practical applications for Christian living, and those applications are just as relevant now as when they were written.

Would you commit to reading 1 Timothy on your own?

How you read it is up to you and I’m not suggesting a particular timeline, but I recommend that you don’t just blaze through it. There are some important ideas that should be read thoughtfully and possibly more than once.