Thoughtful Thursday: Gentleness

This week’s Fruit of the Spirit, “Gentleness” is easier for some than for others. Don’t confuse gentleness with meekness or spinelessness. Gentleness is not weak or passive. In fact, it can take real strength to be gentle, especially when feeling attacked. Our human nature wants to defend and retaliate (“an eye for an eye) but Proberbs 15:1 NLT says “A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.”

What would your friends and family say about you? Do you have a gentle nature? I would like to think I do, but I know that in reality, it depends on the situation.

Ponder and pray about this and ask God to affirm areas where you already express gentleness and reaveal areas where you need him to help you to be more gentle.