The Awakened Life – New Course from Seedbed

The Awakening Life Course is a four week journey of Scripture, prayer, conversation, and transformation; all centered around the awakening and disciple-making mission of Jesus Christ. Expect to be challenged, encouraged, equipped and empowered for the important season of faith ahead.

The course will unfold over four weeks (Oct. 17-Nov. 13) with the following subjects:

  • Week 1—Waking up to the Word of God: Beholding Jesus
  • Week 2—Waking up to the Spirit of God: Breathing Prayer
  • Week 3—Waking up to the Body of Christ: Banded Discipleship
  • Week 4—Waking up to the Kingdom of God: Becoming Love

J.D. Walt, author of the Awakened Life and Sower-in-Chief for Seedbed will serve as the host and lead teacher of the course.

Register for the course by going to: