New Sermon Series: Doctrine Matters

“It doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you believe something!”

This is commonly affirmed today, and it is as wrong as it was when it escaped the lips of the serpent in the Garden! Of course it matters what you believe! There is Truth, and there is the Lie. We are about the Truth!

Pastor Glen is currently preaching a series called “Doctrine Matters.” He will address eight key doctrines or teachings of the Christian faith:

1.  God as Trinity
2.  Jesus
3.  Resurrection
4.  Holy Spirit
5.  Scripture
6.  Free Will
7.  Sacraments
8.  Grace

Exploring the Scriptural foundation of these doctrines will enable us to understand and affirm these key teachings of our faith. There are many in the church today who do not affirm these traditional doctrines. Pastor Glen believes that, especially as we move toward forming a new Methodist denomination, we must reclaim these central doctrines and affirm them as Truth.

Come or tune in to worship as we engage these important doctrines which truly matter!