Worship at The Fount

This past Sunday, we enjoyed two forms of worship: in-person (outside) and online. It was good to see so many show up on our lovely (if not very hot!) yard to worship together, and good to worship with everyone else online, as has become the norm for us. And as the state begins to loosen up the restraints on churches, we are moving forward.

However, we are not quite ready to re-enter our Sanctuary for in-person worship.

Because our congregation is primarily made up of older folks, we need to take things a little slower than other churches might. So we currently do not plan to re-enter the Sanctuary for in-person worship until at least October, and only then if our community (Orange County) continues to maintain its flattening of the COVID curve.

That means we will continue to worship at 9:00 OUTSIDE, and at 10:30 ONLINE until at least October.

But even after we return to in-person, inside worship, we will continue to offer online worship because we are reaching far more people through our online ministry than we do on campus. This is an important reality that we should embrace. Our little church is reaching people all over the world every Sunday! And as other churches back away from online ministry as things begin to return to “normal”, we need to press into this new form of ministry that may well expand our outreach and influence for Jesus Christ.

So plan on coming on-campus to worship outside at 9:00 am if you dare, and plan on worshipping online at 10:30 if in-person is just not right for you yet. Either way, The Fount will be open for ministry this Sunday and every Sunday to come!