Re-opening of Preschool Postponed

With great reluctance, the Preschool Board has recommended and the Church Council has approved a plan to postpone the re-opening of the Preschool at The Fount to January 2021.

Because of the stringent regulations related to COVID-19, the Board felt that the quality of nurturing and care for which our preschool is known and loved just could not be provided for the children. So with heavy hearts, we are postponing the re-opening until at least January.

What this means is that our wonderful staff and teachers may have to seek other employment. We are not aware of any payroll support being offered by the state, and since our preschool is a fee-supported ministry, we cannot pay salaries when not operating. Please pray that we will be able to rehire our director, Coleen Kaae, and our fabulous teachers when we are able to re-open.

Keep the children and families, as well as the teachers and staff of the preschool in your prayers. These are difficult times, to be sure. Many families need the kind of preschool we have offered in the past and will be sorely missing Preschool at The Fount this fall. Pray that the families will find what they need to care for their children, and pray that our staff will find the resources they need. Just pray!

The Board will continue to meet this fall to plan for re-opening and to restructure the preschool for a new reality. Pray for God’s guidance for Pauline Henning and the entire Board during these troubled times.

Thank you!