Exciting News!

Dear Fount Family,

I have some exciting news! The Church Council met in special session this past Tuesday evening (via Zoom) and has approved a plan to re-open the facilities of The Fount! The plan now goes to our District Superintendent, Rev. John Farley, for final approval. But if everything goes well, we could start allowing small groups to meet on campus (with adequate precautions) as of July 1st. Worship in-person won’t happen for a few more weeks, so hang in there! We’ll let you know.

The other exciting news is that Ric Seaver is being granted a 2-month sabbatical leave, starting July 1st. When this pandemic/quarantine started back in March, Ric jumped in and started working far more hours than his 20-hour job required. Getting us online requires a tremendous amount of work, and Ric shouldered the lion’s share. He easily has worked 50-70 hours per week for The Fount since mid-March! As a result, the Church Council wanted to give him some time off, with pay, so that he and his family could rest, relax and renew. So that is what it did!

We are also praying for the Seaver family. Many of you know that they have been asked to move from their home (again!), and so the hunt for a place to live here in OC forges ahead. In the meantime, Ric and his family are going to go “on the road” in an RV (let Ric know if you have an RV you are willing to loan/rent to them for two months) or other vehicle to visit small churches across the country, helping them to get online or otherwise enhance their ministry. So he and Lety and the kids will be missionaries from The Fount, sharing some of what we’ve learned in the way of online ministry! In between visits to churches, the Seavers will enjoy family time and visiting with friends. We want to help with the expenses of being “on the road,” so if you would like to contribute to the “Seaver Road Fund” make your contributions in the ordinary way. Gas, RV rental, lodging (if no RV), food, etc. will be expensive for a family of five. So ask the Lord how much He wants you to contribute to the “Seaver Road Fund” and make your gifts soon.

I am so proud of this church and its generosity! There was so much in the way of support and pleasure from the Church Council in granting Ric this time off and away. Not every church would do this! But you have shown yourself so generous over the years in supporting missions and missionaries from the church, young ministerial students and much more (I am so very grateful for my sabbatical leave last summer!) that it makes ministering at The Fount such a pleasure!

While Ric is away, he will be filing updates from the road. We will continue to offer our online ministries in his absence, thanks to the team Ric has trained. Cyndy and I will be away on vacation until July 4th, but after that, I’ll be here all summer. Please keep Ric and his family in your prayers. And keep The Fount in your prayers as we prepare to re-open for some on-campus gatherings.

In Christ,

Pastor Glen