What is Prayer to YOU?

Prayer and what it means is a subject that seems to be coming up frequently for me. Earlier this week we sent an email about the WCA’s “For Such a Time as This: International Call to Pentecostal Fasting & Prayer” (click HERE to see again). Then, a friend asked for prayer to hear God’s direction for important life-changing circumstances and later in the week, I read an article about Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health Director, which  led me to a quote of his:

“For me, in my Christian belief, prayer is not an opportunity to manipulate God into doing what you want him to. Prayer is an opportunity to have a conversation with God to try to get in tune with what his will is.”

My Thoughtful Thursday challenge for you (and me) is to spend some time thinking about your prayer life, considering if it is where it should be or if there are areas that need attention.  Then, pray.