Advent in Isaiah; New Sermon Series

Beginning this Sunday, December 1st, and continuing all through Advent, Pastor Glen Haworth will be preaching from passages in the Book of Isaiah. We will be spending Advent in Isaiah!

Isaiah, a book of the Old Testament, is full of Gospel imagery and prophecy. Some have called Isaiah the Gospel in the Old Testament! Much of the familiar passages foretelling the advent (coming) of Christ come from Isaiah.

Pastor Glen will be sharing: “Walking in the Light of the Lord” (Isaiah 2:1-5), “A Shoot from Jesse’s Stump” (Isaiah 11:1-10), “Sorrow and Sighing Shall Flee Away” (Isaiah 35:1-10), “God With Us is Love” (Isaiah 7:10-16), and on Christmas Eve “Light Has Dawned” (Isaiah 9:2-7).

You won’t want to miss a single Sunday in Advent this year! And ask God to show you who you can invite to come with you to The Fount! See you in church!