A Missions Report From Global Teams

Because of the need for sensitivity in the area, the Krouse family is protective of their people in service.

They have had a loss of helpers in the translation program and new team meetings as they have been preparing for the interlinear literal translation that will appear in Sinaiticus Greek.  Also, they have been administering the surveys that will collect community feedback about the divine familial terms and the overall format of the translation of the Gospels, Acts and Revelation.

The daily grind of the translation project can become tedious, plodding through disagreements about format, grammar and specific terms, while often the fear of persecution and death still is present and real.  It is true that our translation has met with unprecedented acceptance in the Muslin community and kindled a movement in many areas, but this does not mean there will be no persecution.

While, as part of the expatriate support team, we have been a step removed from that persecution ourselves, it continues to be a privilege to serve with families born and raised there who are taking back a witness to people we could never reach or even hear of.  We pray and look forward to grace for the families that have lost their men that will far outshine the hardships they have endured.

 For your remembrance in times of prayer:

VISAS.  Many from the team have lost their visas or had to leave the country.  We are asking for extended long-term visas for those families still inside and also readily granted visit visas for those who go in from our current locations outside the country.

4rh PRINTING OF OT-GOSPELS.We have visited the printer over the holiday only to find that he has closed his print shop because the work  is not profitable.  We want to provide him incentive to do the last round of 500 books because he did such an excellent job on the previous thousand.  Pray that God will provide us a printer—either the same or a new one.

Jeff and Kattia Krouse