God is Still God!

I write this during the time that the United Methodist Judicial Council (our “supreme court”) is considering several important matters regarding very divisive issues in our denomination, not the least of which is the election of a bishop who is a woman married to another woman.  I do not know what the outcome of the Judicial Council’s deliberations will be, but one thing I do know:  that no matter what is decided, God is still God!

The decision could go the way that we, at The Fount, want it to:  that the election of the bishop in question will be vacated.  The Judicial Council could also rule that annual conferences that have announced their intention to disobey the ordination qualifications in our Book of Discipline are out of order and must come into compliance with the rule of the church.  But the decisions could also go the other way, and I need to be prepared for that, as do you.

To prepare, we need only remember that decisions of human courts do not change the eternal rule of God.  We want them to comply with God’s rules, to be sure.  But they don’t always do that.  And when they don’t, the faithful of God need only redouble efforts to remain faithful.  God has revealed His will in the Bible; let us turn to the Scriptures for guidance and strength.

When you read this, the decision(s) will probably already be handed down.  I will be with the brothers and sisters of the Wesleyan Covenant Association meeting in Memphis, so we will either be dancing with joy or solemnly praying!  I encourage you to receive the news with faith, knowing that whatever it is our job at The Fount is to remain faithful to God’s will and purpose as revealed in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible.


Pastor Glen