Parents and Spiritual Leaders

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, Children a reward from Him" Psalm 127:3

Our ministry to Children and their Families reflects our desire to see God glorified in the home. We know parents come in all shapes and sizes and our desire is to partner with parents, grandparents and guardians to encourage spiritual formation right at home. We believe that all people are, with God's guidance, able to offer a spiritual inheritance to their family. Contact Ric Seaver at the church office (714-962-2593) or email Ric@TheFount.Church for more info.

We are currently offering two incredible ministries for children and families during the week. Acorns to Oaks is a place for school-aged children to come that is safe and clean, where they can conduct their Zoom calls with their school and, during breaks, play with other children. Knights of Agon is an after-school program on Tuesdays and Thursdays where kids and youth can learn to play well and faithfully with one another in a safe environment. Contact Ric Seaver for information on these two programs!

Knights of Agon