A New Way to Pray for Each Other

There is now a Prayer Request page on our website, TheFount.Church! Those desiring prayer can leave their requests for others to see, and others can indicate that they are praying for the request. It is easy!

Just go to our website and click/tap on the picture that you see above. You can also access the Prayer Request page through the “About” the “Ministries” and the “Contact” menus. Or you can go straight to the page here.

Once on the page, type in the information requested. Your name and email address will NOT be displayed on the public page, so your prayer can be anonymous. However, both your name and email address will be displayed to administrators of the website (Pastor Glen, Ric Seaver, Julie Laffoon). The Title and Message will be displayed on both the public page and to the administrators. Once you post your prayer request, others will be able to read it and click/tap the “Prayer” button to show that they are praying for your request. You can return to the page to see how many folks are praying for you!

Obviously we need to check the page periodically in order to pray for those requests that are posted, so remind yourself to do so. We especially want to encourage the Prayer Chain members to check the page frequently.

In this time of social isolation, this is a great way to stay connected in prayer. We commend our new Prayer Request page to you!