Remember Your Church

With all of the drastic changes we’ve been going through over the past few weeks, it might slip your mind to remember your church at Easter time. It’s easy to do, since our whole world has changed over-night! But the work of ministry goes on, and in fact it has accelerated! With all of the new challenges put before us, your church staff is working harder than ever!

We hope you have been watching some of the product of our work: Morning Devotions, Preschool Chapel, Knights of Agon, Zoom meetings, online worship, nights of worship, music education… with more to come! Visit our Facebook Live page at It’s exciting to be reaching lots of new people, far more than we reached by only doing church at 18225 Bushard Street! Even after the pandemic ends, there are some exciting ministries that we will want to continue.

So please consider giving a special offering for Easter, over and above your regular tithing and giving. You can mail your check to the church, marked “Easter Offering”, made out to “The Fount”. Or you can make your contribution online through our online giving portal (click on the blue text to be taken right there, or copy and paste this address: Be sure to pull down the Funds menu and select “Easter”. And now you can also give via text message, by texting the word “Give” to (714) 276-6340, and then follow the prompts. Consider giving a portion of your government stimulus check to help with the added expenses we have incurred getting up to speed with technology! Thank you for your generosity!

Also, during this holy season of Easter, don’t forget to take time to contemplate what God has done for all of us in His Son, Jesus. Though the times are trying, we know that our salvation is assured and that this world is just a passing thing. Our real home is in heaven, with Jesus, and all the saints! Hallelujah!

Have a blessed Easter! I’ll “see” you online!

In the Hope of Resurrection,

Pastor Glen