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Attendance Jump by Nearly 10x!

Our first all-online worship experience at The Fount yielded phenomenal results! There were (as of this writing, because people can watch it even after it was aired live) 455 views and 475 people reached on the Facebook Live stream alone. An additional 4 households listened to the service via Zoom! Normally, we have an average of 50 people in worship on Sunday, but this last Sunday it was nearly 10 times that number!

Now, of course, this was an anomaly and a novelty (except that most churches are doing it!) and the interest will certainly drop off as this pandemic wears on, but I think we need to celebrate the wonderful response to our first Sunday all-online!

Our church staff is to be congratulated for a job well done! Ric Seaver was the camera man, and Shelly Peters and Emanuela Arghir provided music. We will be doing some fine tuning in the future, to be sure, but it went well. We are aware of sound issues, and the fact that some who wanted to view the service could not get online. We’re working on solutions. Your patience and support are greatly appreciated!

Speaking of support, please remember to keep your tithes and offerings coming into the church! You can mail checks to the church or give online through our online giving portal (click the blue link). You can also go to our website ( and click on the link “Online Giving”. We are cutting down on electricity and gas usage, trying to save money. Julie is working from home, but the church phone line is being forwarded to her. Ric and I are still at the office. There is so much happening!

Ric is producing a twice a week children’s Bible story time to be posted on Facebook, and I am working on doing Preschool Chapel each week for our preschool kids. Emanuela is offering on online worship experience tonight at 9:00 PM (see our Facebook for the link). If you have any questions about how to get online and view these offerings, do not hesitate to call Julie at the church office!

Obviously, these are challenging times. But so far we are finding a rich field to harvest! I miss seeing you all, but I am just a phone call away (909-762-9211), so let me know how you’re doing. There is much more to come, so stay tuned!

Let us thank God for how He will use The Fount to minister through these difficult times!

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