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These are Unprecedented Times

Dear Family of The Fount,

We are in unprecedented times, to be sure. Never before in my lifetime has our civilization been so impacted so quickly and potentially for such a long period of time than now. Even “9/11” was impactful, to be sure, but things returned to relative normalcy within a couple of weeks. We are looking at social disruption from this pandemic that could last for months. And the impact may last even beyond the restrictions we are currently experiencing.

I wanted you to know that your church staff is working diligently to plan for the ministry of the church going forward. We are dreaming and working on new ways to be in ministry using technology (including the telephone!), drawing from many sources. Please pray for us, as this is entirely new territory!

The leadership of The Fount has determined that we should obey the guidance of health professionals and government leaders and NOT meet together in person. So all worship services and meetings at the church are being canceled or transferred to an online platform. This is true, also, for our sibling congregations (La Cima and VECFV), as well as the Scouts, and any other groups which normally meet on campus. And the Life Groups that normally meet in homes are being asked to transfer to online meeting. We will be providing guidance on how best to do this, so all group leaders should be in contact with me (909-762-9211; or Ric Seaver (714-418-7340; for guidance.

To that end, we are planning to have worship this Sunday, and for the foreseeable future, only over the internet (please do not come to the church, stay home). Initially, at least, we will be using Facebook as our broadcast platform. To view and participate in the service, everyone will need to get a Facebook account, if they don’t have one already. It is free. Go to: and sign up for a new account. If you already have an account, simply log in to your Facebook account. Sunday morning services will not be the only broadcasting (livestreaming) we will do, so sign up to receive notifications whenever The Fount begins a broadcast. We will also announce broadcasts on our Twitter ( and Instagram (thefountchurch) accounts. Then, at the appointed time, either go to The Fount’s Facebook page ( or wait at your own page for the broadcast to begin. If you have any trouble with any of this, please email me or call me, or email the church office ( or call Julie (714-962-2593) for help. We want everyone who wants to participate to be able to do so.

Our Sunday morning time of corporate worship will begin at 10:30 AM, as usual. Join us this Sunday on Facebook. Add your comments during the broadcast so that we can interact with one another. The livestream broadcast will be recorded and posted to our Facebook page so that those who miss it can watch it later.

And if you need anything, anything at all, please consider calling or emailing the church. We are working on some ways to provide services to the members and community. And if you would like to help in some way, let us know. Let’s take this opportunity to shine the Light of Christ into our community, showing how people of faith (in Jesus) behave in such stormy times! As I said, this is unprecedented.

In the Love of Jesus,
Pastor Glen
(714-962-2593, 909-762-9211,

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