New Life Group Forming!

If you’ve been thinking about joining a Life Group, here’s a golden opportunity for you! We are starting a new group that will meet on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour (9:00 AM).

Life Groups at The Fount are modeled after the “class meetings” of the early Methodist movement. These class meetings (the original small groups) are designed to help people grow in their Christian discipleship by forming accountable relationships. The groups are not INformational, they are TRANSformational, meaning that their goal is to transform rather than inform the participants. So there isn’t a study book or a curriculum. The basic question asked each week is “How goes it with your soul?” or a modern version of the question might be “How is your relationship with Jesus going?”

The Fount currently has three such Life Groups meeting, in addition to a Life Group that Ric Seaver leads online with “gamers.” It is a wonderful opportunity to develop strong relationships that help us grow closer to God and deeper in our walk with Jesus.

So come at 9:00 AM on Sunday to find out more. We meet in the Prayer Room, which is adjacent to the Sanctuary on the south side. For more information, contact Pastor Glen.