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Pastor Glen’s Sabbatical

Pastor Glen’s Sabbatical Is Here!

A spiritual sabbatical is about removing the busyness of life and standing still in the Lord. It is about intentionality and it is about receptiveness to the Lord. Our church is blessed to have a pastor who strives to live this way every day. We also recognize that his striving for us means he needs the Lord to pour into him in a special way. Our hope is that this sabbatical does just that. Although we will miss him, we are genuinely grateful for the spiritual and physical renewal he has ahead of him.

Our prayer as a church is that Pastor Glen can let go of his responsibilities at the church over the next three months in order to receive rest, renewal and revitalization from our Lord. We also pray that his knee surgery goes well and that the healing it will provide gives him renewed physical energy and mobility. Lord, bless this time for Pastor Glen and for us at The Fount. Amen.

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