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Pastor Glen to Take Sabbatical

As many of you know, The Fount has granted Pastor Glen a sabbatical leave this summer, from June 1st through August 31st. Preparations are proceeding to provide for the pastoral leadership of the church while Pastor Glen is away.

The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to provide rest, refreshment and replenishment, and renewal. Pastor Glen has served The Fount for five years, and hopes to retire from here in another five years. Because of the nature of a pastor’s work, exhaustion and burn-out is a constant concern. This sabbatical is planned in order to help Pastor Glen to finish well and continue to guide this church during these tumultuous times in our denomination.

His plans include spending considerable time in prayer, rest, reading and recreation. He plans to spend a week at a monastery in Big Sur, go fishing in Mammoth, spend a lot of time in the parsonage’s back yard and at the beach catching up on reading and letting the Lord wash over his soul! He is also planning on having knee replacement surgery and to recover in time to return to work.

There is an excellent line-up of preachers who will be coming to bring the Word on Sunday mornings, as well as coverage in the office. Ric Seaver will be putting in more hours and helping to watch over the congregation. You’ll get to hear preachers like Dan and Ken Nehrbass, Anthony Boger, Ric Seaver, Dave Scott, Sonia Perez, Pastor Al Ramirez, new member Ted Smith, Karl Baumgardner, retired Pastor Ken Heflin, and seminary student Paul Park! Please plan to come to worship every Sunday you are in town!

Your prayers are appreciated as Pastor Glen embarks on this Sabbatical Journey. Pray that God works healing and refreshment in him and that he returns to us ready to lead us into the future God has in store for all of us!

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