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Pick-up a Hymnal as You Enter Sanctuary

If you would like to use a hymnal during worship, please pick one up as you enter the Sanctuary from the rolling book cart at the back. And then, as you leave, simply return your hymnal to the same cart.

We are instituting this in order to make it easier and more flexible to configure the Sanctuary. Whenever the chairs are moved, hymnals (and tissue boxes) fall out of the racks below the chairs easily and prolifically! It makes the whole process of reconfiguring the Sanctuary much more difficult. And with the new floor going in next week and the possibilities of using the Sanctuary for multi-purposes, like eating, reconfiguration will probably be more frequent. Plus, only a few worshippers use the hymnals anymore, so having copies at every seat is impractical.

So as you arrive for worship on Sunday, simply grab a hymnal if you want one as you enter the Sanctuary and then return it as you’re leaving. Thanks!

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