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Vision 2020 Update

We are now nearing the end of our second year of the three-year Vision 2020 capital campaign. Here is an update on the status of the campaign.

Since the start of the campaign in 2017, we have received $112,060. We have expended a total of $91,026 since the beginning! Here are the projects we have completed:

·         New sign for the front lawn

·         Preschool building exterior painted

·         Parking lot slurry and painted

·         Parsonage exterior painted

·         Multi-purpose Room painted, new floor and acoustic panels

·         Sanctuary sound system upgraded

The current balance of Vision 2020 funds available is $21,034. The projects that are still in planning stages:

·         New floor in Sanctuary ($14k)

·         Sanctuary chancel remodel ($5.25k)

·         Trees for south end of parking lot ($12k)

·         Sanctuary, Chapel and Office exterior painting (approx. $30k)

If sufficient funding comes in, there are other projects waiting in the wings! If you would like to contribute to the campaign generally or to specific projects, please contact Pastor Glen, Bob Henning or Gary Ashcraft, or just designate your gift “Vision 2020”.

We are praising God for all that He has accomplished so far, and looking forward to even more. God bless you for supporting Vision 2020!

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