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The Methodist Class Meeting

One of the ways that The Fount can become a church “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World” is by returning to the Wesleyan/Methodist forms of disciple-making called the Class Meeting and the Band Meeting.


The Class Meeting is a small group of 7-12 people, mixed gender, ages and marital status, who meet together each week to inquire into each other’s relationship with God.  The traditional question of the Class Meeting is “How goes it with your soul?”  A modern rendering of that question might be, “How is your walk with Jesus going?” Or “What is the status of your spiritual journey?”  How ever it is asked, the point is to be accountable to other Christians to grow in our faith and all of its aspects.  Shallow answers to that question (“Fine!”) are not acceptable, the expectation being that members of the class will explore their walk more deeply and honestly.  Historians and theologians have credited the Class Meeting (and the Band Meeting—more on that in another article) with being the engine of the Wesleyan Revival.


I will be inviting the leaders of the church (members of the Church Council) to join with me in an 8 week study of the Class Meeting, leading to what I hope will be an actual Class Meeting (several, in fact), to which all the members of The Fount will be invited.  It is a rather simple small group that focuses on TRANSFORMATION rather than information. And transformed people transform the world!


If you are a member of the Church Council, look for my invitation to begin meeting weekly to (re)discover this essential Wesleyan model of disciple-making!  Coming to a church family near (and dear) to you!


Pastor Glen


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