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Missions Spotlight – Julie Green

I am doing well.  I have finished chemo and radiation and I’m past the fatigue and drag that came with treatment.  So I’m back  working full time with SIL Int’l and Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Fortunately I  am working with a multicultural and virtual team that is spread from Hong Kong to the UK.  So I’m able to work from Huntington Beach and while it requires some travel, it’s not a lot.  I am so grateful to be back to work!!!​

​The​ ​project I’m working on is called  Relational NGOs  ​or ReNGOs.  It’s a  joint effort between SIL Mainland Asia and SIL International Anthropology.  We believe that relationships make a difference in everything we do.  Because of this, our aim is to help leaders recognize multicultural differences within their relationships and measure, monitor, and improve the quality and health of organizational and inter-organizational relationships.

ReNGOs uses an innovative, people-centered, data-driven method to help multicultural teams and organizations understand the complex cultural dynamics within their team or organizational relationships.  These robust metrics give organizations/teams tools to measure the actual quality of their internal and external relationships.  This provides a common way to talk about multi-cultural relationships, thus enabling leaders to monitor and affirm good relationships or discover keys to their sticky relationships.  It gives them new insights into ways to move forward in a safe and  respectful environment because relationships matter.

​Last month we were able to ​help an Asian board and western senior staff of an international school in Hong Kong reconcile and come back together to continue working at the school.  It was an amazing time of seeing humble Christian workers talk through their differences, apologize for their frustration and anger and commit to work together again.  In many ways it feels like being in the front row, watching God move and bring people together.   It’s pretty fun!  We’re currently gearing up for 3 more engagements in Asia over the next 4 months.  We will be busy and I’d have it no other way.

Trust you all are well.  I was driving down Bushard the other day and saw you all had changed your name to The Fount.  It’s a  lovely name and wonderful reminder of the life giving water we find in Christ.




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