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Cal-Pac Wesleyan Covenant Association Event

A Firm Foundation

On Saturday, March 10th, The Fount will host the first public event of the newly formed California-Pacific Wesleyan Covenant Association. The Fount was the first member congregation in the annual conference, and Pastor Glen is the president of the Cal-Pac chapter.

This Spring Gathering will feature a time of worship (10:30), lunch (noon), and workshops (1:00). The workshops include “A Firm Foundation” led by Pastor Glen Haworth, “Methodist/Wesleyan Essentials” led by Pastor Gordon Marchant (Reseda UMC), and “WCA: Who Are We?” led by Pastor Madeline Carrasco Henners, who is also our main preacher/speaker for the morning.

Register by going to the Cal-Pac WCA website ( and clicking on the button near the top right. The cost is $20 per person and includes lunch. If you have trouble registering, call the church office for assistance,

It is important to have a good turn-out for this first public event, so please plan on coming and participating. As a leader in this annual conference for orthodox, traditional Wesleyan Christianity, The Fount plays an important role. For more information, contact Pastor Glen.


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