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Finding Peace in a Time of Busy-ness

 It’s that time of year again! The time when we honor Peace and Good Will, Joy and Giving to Others…and at the same time, our stress levels go up, our anxiety increases, and we can’t seem to find time to sit down, much less relax!

It’s Christmas Time!

Why is it that we try to honor the coming of the Prince of Peace with such contrary lifestyles?  How can we find peace in a time of uber busy-ness?

Simple:  we have to MAKE space and time for rest and contemplation. I like the word “ponder” because it is what Mary did as she processed bearing the Son of God (Luke 2:19).  So in the midst of the shopping, decorating, party-going and party-giving, let’s take some time to ponder what God has done in sending His Son, Jesus, to be our Savior.

I like to sit in the living room, look at the decorated Christmas tree, listen to soft Christmas music, and just ponder the season, the Incarnation, the memories, the hopes and dreams…all of it.  It’s even better if I can hold Cyndy’s hand and share the moment together!  Whatever works for you, I want to encourage you to take the time to rest, ponder, pray and reflect on the Miracle of Christmas.  Don’t let the season’s rush consume you! Instead, let the Season’s Reason embrace you this Advent/Christmas.

On behalf of the entire staff of The Fount and FVUM Preschool, may you and yours be blessed richly and profoundly this Christmas and New Year!

In Christ,

Pastor Glen


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