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  • One Life to Live

    Nathan Ho, from our sister church, Vietnamese Evangelical Church Fountain Valley, will be preaching “One Life to Live” this Sunday, at 10:30 am. We will...

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  • You Ain’t Getting My Garden

    Our former associate pastor and friend, Pastor Anthony Boger will be preaching at The Fount this Sunday, July 7th, at 10:30.  Anthony is a faithful...

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  • This is not Your Battle

    Sonia Perez will present the message this Sunday, June 29th at 10:30am. Sonia is a gifted preacher, a La Cima leader, our friend and she...

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  • It’s a Matter of Focus

    Our friend and former lay leader, Karl Baumgardner will be sharing the message this Sunday, the 23rd at 10:30 am.  Come welcome Karl back to...

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  • Gaming Co-Op Ministry Launching June 17th

    The Knights of Agon is a super-fun co-op for 1st graders and up to play games together, make new friends, and experience emotional and spiritual...

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