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  • Interested in Membership?

    If you are interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a Professing Member of The Fount, you are invited to have “Coffee with Pastor Glen”...

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  • October 20th is Laity Sunday

    Every year, we celebrate and lift up the ministry of all baptized Christians on Laity Sunday. This year we will be blessed to have our...

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  • Come Hear the Agape Youth Choir!

    This Sunday, October 20th, the Agape Youth Choir, under the direction of our own Emanuela Arghir, will be leading us in worship! Emanuela has been...

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  • Plan Now to Attend: Nov. 9th

    In a world that is increasingly hostile to the Truth revealed by God in His Word, we need to be Transformed more and more into...

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  • Jonah, Not Just for Children!

    Pastor Glen will be starting a new sermon series on October 6th, titled “Jonah the Reluctant Prophet” based on the Old Testament book of the...

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