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  • Messy Church

    “We are the family of God, and He’s brought us together to be one in him, that we might bring light to the world.”  These...

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  • Holy Week

    This year, we will observe the following schedule for Holy Week services at The Fount: *  Palm Sunday, 10:30 AM Worship with Palm Parade * ...

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  • Preschool News

    They Preschool Board is pleased to announce the preschool will  is changing its name to Preschool at The Fount to coincide with the name change of...

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  • Madeline Carrasco Henners: Main Speaker at Cal-Pac WCA Event

    The Fount will host the first public event for the new California-Pacific Wesleyan Covenant Association chapter on March 10th from 10:30 to 3:00.  The main speaker...

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